Friday Five

Friday Five: How Was Your Week?

Friday Five: How Was Your Week?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I’d like to know a little bit more about what you did this week. I’d like to know how much you spent this week on certain meals. Feel free to tell me what you ate for all 3 meals on each day.

1. Monday: What did you eat for snacks and how much did you spend on said snacks?

2: Tuesday: What did you eat for lunch and how much did you spend on said lunch?

3. Wednesday: What did you spend money on after you left work?

4. Thursday: What did you eat for dinner and how much did you spend on said dinner?

5. Friday: What did you eat for breakfast and how much did you spend on said breakfast?

My turn!  This should be pretty easy for me because I keep a daily food journal.  

1:  Snacks: Monday was a pretty busy work day for me.  I oven roasted a turkey so that’s what I snacked on.  I spent $20 at Whole Foods on bread, cheese, crackers, water and I actually can’t remember where that $20 went!

2:  Lunch: I had lunch with my friend her 2 year old!  We had general tso’s chicken ($15 family pack), wings ($8) and christmas cookies ($5) (all from Wegman’s-an amazing grocery store)!

3:  After Work: ok, so why is my journal empty today?  oh!  I team taught Zumba and INSANITY at Potomac Middle School from 6-8.  The kids hated insanity! After the warmup they asked if we could “get back to dancing?”  I actually left my snacks at home, so I spent $4 at CVS on a protein drink and sunflower seeds (those are good for energy).

4: Dinner! Fitness center holiday party!  Dinner was pretty healthy.  I had salmon, salad and roast beef.  Then the not-so-healthy grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese.  And I only paid $5 for my ticket!

5:  Breakfast:  I’m the millionth person who will say, “I’m not a breakfast person.”  And I’m also the million-and-oneth person who will also say, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  My compromise is to always have some type of protein bar or protein shake in the mornings.  Today was a protein shake (and probably a little bit of turkey too)!

My Turkey!
My Turkey!

YOUR turn!

I’d LOVE to hear about your week!

  1. I spent $5 on an almond milk latte and it was GOOD! I think I spent about $20 on groceries on Sunday and I’ve been eating what’s in the house. I’m really strict about trying not to spending money on food out after I’ve gone grocery shopping. Since I’ve started working from home my food spending has dropped substantially 🙂 I am going for coffee again today!

  2. 1. Snacks on Monday- Monday was a busy day for me. I was in Richmond for an all day meeting and traveled by train back home to Alexandria. As far as snacks, I bought a bottle of water on the train, so I don’t really thing that qualifies as a snack, but I spent 2.00 on it. I did snack on air popped popcorn at home and I guess if I had to average the cost of the bowl, it would be about .10.
    2. Lunch on Tuesday-I had lunch on Tuesday with a friend at Red Robin at Le’fant Plaza. A burger, fries and a bottle of water was embarrassingly 11.23.
    3. After work on Wednesday – Back in Richmond. Dinner at Shockhoe Whiskey & Wine, including 2 cocktails was 47.12. A snack at the hotel was 3.00.
    4. Dinner on Thursday – Still in Richmond. We tried a different place for dinner – Sweet Teas. I had crabcakes, fried okra and french fries, with water. On a scale of 10 I give it a 4. 42.16. (The waitress was good, so I was a generous tipper.)
    5. Breakfast. 22.15. Yeah. The Hilton has a pricey buffet, but again I’ve been staying there for a long time, and Billy our waiter got a little extra C’mas present as a tip.

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