A Crazy Celebrity Thanksgiving Table

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

During this week of Thanksgiving.  I will share with you things I’m thankful for!

I will kick off the week with a dream Thanksgiving table!

I thought long and hard about the celebrities who would make a good/bad combination when seated at the same table to break some bread.

Here we go:

The Ego Table: Donald Trump, Kanye West, Rosie O’Donnel, Fox News,

*also known as the A-Hole table

**also known as the please shut up table

The Annoying Table: Cast of Glee (I can’t stand to watch the crazy faces they make while singing), ANY YouTube “star”-I’m looking at YOU Patty Labelle Pie eaters.

The Go and Sit Down Somewhere Table:  Madonna, Mariah Carrey

The Get Your Ish Together Table:  MC Hammer, almost any professional athlete, Chris Brown, Paula Dean, Cast of Any Housewives Show, Bravo Network (stop giving these people a public platform), Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson (ok, this list is getting too long)

*also known as the stop doing stupid things in public table.

The I’m Glad You’re Here Table:  Oprah, The Obamas, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Beyonce. 

The We All Know You’re On Drugs Table:  This page intentionally left blank (because they know who they are).


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