October 2015 Numbers and November Goals

october 2015 november goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I hit a pretty huge milestone in October

I paid off my car!

I January I owed $17,000 ($16,973) to be exact. And today I owe $0!

Feels amazing. Now I will apply my old car payment to the mortgage on my Chicago duplex!

Let’s jump right into some numbers.

Readership: 835 views 741 views (94 more than September) Hello new comers!

Blog: $0  (no effort, no income)

Fitness (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $449.45 (I drastically reduced my schedule (again) and I am now only teaching 2 classes a week. Giving myself a little more freedom).

eBay: $1 (I actually sold some old coupons.)

Facebook Likes: 301 (4 new likes)

Twitter Followers: 767 (23 new followers)

Top Post:  5 Easy Ways To Save $500 By Christmas

October in a nutshell:

Fell in LOVE!  Went to a few new classes at different Fitness Centers on their Open House days for FREE. Paid off my Car!  New eye glasses! New Sewing Machine. No more overtime at work so I took a huge paycut. But still came in UNDER budget for the month. Hawaii Vacation (Im still here as youre reading this)

November Goals:

Be a total badass!

Start the 5% rule this month (because I totally didn’t start it last month-or the month before that):

I will try to increase everything by 5%: readership, followers, likes and side hustle income.

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