Grocery Game Challenge Week 1 Results

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Who says week 39 of the 52 week year is too late to start a new challenge.

For all of you people who are waiting on January 1st to make change I challenge you to start RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

I totally rocked the first week of the $26 Grocery Challenge.

For a list of rules please click here to read the inaugural post titled: $26 Grocery Game Challenge Cycle 1.

Here’s what I’ve got to share:

Store: I went to Giant Food Store twice.

Coupons:  There was a grand opening for a Giant in my area so I had extra coupons-$8 in coupons.

Total Spent:  I spent $31 on groceries.

Under or Over:  I went Over! (Darn cupcakes)

Here’s what I bought:

grocery game challenge Giant trader joe's receipt
My Receipt

-Fresh flowers

-Whole Organic Chicken





Reflections:  I went over by $5 because I was attacked by a huge sugar rush and found myself at Giant buying the items to make cupcakes.  But I rocked it!  On day 1 I made Salmon.  I also ate lots of chips and guacamole.  On day 3 I made the oven roasted (organic) chicken.  I ate that and a few other items from my freezer.  I went to happy hour twice (not groceries so not included in grocery budget).  I even shared my chicken with a few friends and coworkers.

I’m looking forward to continuing his challenge because I let too much food make it’s way to the trash and I don’t plan on letting that happen any time soon!

Did you participate this week?  How did it go?  What tweaks did you make?

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