Friday Feature: Sewing

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I want to start something new here: 

Friday Feature!

I will share with you something exciting or something that I loved from the week.

Sometimes it’ll be a single item, sometimes it will be a list.

Today’s Feature:


I think I finally found an easier way to sew (thanks to YouTube).

I decided to copy my favorite dress.

Here’s where I began:

sewing, how to make a dress
Old Dress

I laid a dress on top of a folded piece of fabric. And started cutting!

sewing dress cut out

I have a pretty old sewing machine but it got the job done!  It is older than me and is my grandmother’s old machine.

old, brother sewing machine
My Sewing Machine

The dress was pretty short so I ended up turning it into a skirt:

sewing grey shirt no pattern
Grey Shirt

I made an orange dress too!

orange dress, how to sew a dress, no pattern, easy, sophisticated spender, crystal hammond
Orange Dress

The entire process took less than 1 hour.  

I will post a video of my process soon.

I don’t know why I’ve held back for so long.  I tried to “date” sewing for my 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project: Sewing Edition and failed miserably (Click here to read all about my master plan).

Thanks to YouTube, I learned how to sew a dress without a pattern.  It was totally freehand and super easy.

Today’s takeaway:  Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  I spent waay too much time planning out my sewing project.  I made a long blog post and cute graphics and didn’t move a muscle.  Fast forward to this week:  I was a little bored at home and decided that I really liked the dress that I had on today and wanted to make a few more.  Boom!  Created a little magic.  

What can you learn today that’ll change your life for the better?

What would be YOUR Friday Feature for the week?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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