Friday Five: How Was Your Week?


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s my favorite day of the week again…Friday!!!

I’d like to know a little bit more about what you did this week. I want to know how much you spent this week on meals. Feel free to tell me what you ate for all 3 meals on each day.

1. Monday: What did you eat for snacks and how much did you spend on said snacks?

2: Tuesday: What did you eat for lunch and how much did you spend on said lunch?

3. Wednesday: What did you spend money on after you left work?

4. Thursday: What did you eat for dinner and how much did you spend on said dinner?

5. Friday: What did you eat for breakfast and how much did you spend on said breakfast?

Now let’s see if I can remember anything from this week!

1:  uuuhhhhhhh……come back to me on this one please.

2:  hmmm.  I had uh, shoot!  (*stares into space for 10 minutes*) *Tuesday was after Monday right?

3:  I actually didn’t spend a whole bunch of dough.  I had flag football practice.  We practiced for around 2 hours and then I met up with a few friends at happy hour.  I only spent $15 on drinks and I ate someone’s wings.  (Shout out to whoever those wings were.  My friends already know it’s a race when the food is dropped off at the table.)

4:  Another happy hour here.  I had some turkey nachos for dinner.  I spent a total of $65 at that happy hour (I picked up the tab for my friends and I.)

5:  I had a protein shake for breakfast because I know I’d need lots of energy for my 11:00 Zumba class!

***Oh! Now I remember, I had ribs for lunch on Tuesday.  I woke up extra early and put them in the oven and they were ready by the time I went back to sleep and got dressed for work (2 hours later).  And it was just ribs…no sides…all killer-no filler!***

Your Turn!

Can you remember everything you ate this week?


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