June 2015 Numbers and July Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

As I was preparing this months post I realized I dropped the ball last month!

I only wrote 5 posts (should have been 13).

I guess sometimes you need a break and not notice.

But the numbers clearly show my laziness.

Readership: 661 views

Do half the work, get half the views!

Here’s a chart of my views:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.49.34 AM

Not sure what’s up with me and June.  Last June’s views were only 108.  I think that’s when my blog was shut down because of that virus or whatever.

Blog: $0  

Fitness (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $729.04

eBay: $0

Facebook Likes: 275

Twitter Followers: 631

New Goals!

1:  Spending!  I will continue my cash only crusade with a twist.  I have a max that I can spend on my credit card for the month before I go cash only.  I love my rewards points.  So I will use my credit for good (within reason).

2:  Connections!  I am attending BlogHer15 in New York City this month.  I will also be in a fashion show while there.  I am crazy excited about this conference.  So be on the lookout for all of my crazy tweets and facebook posts.

It feels good to be back on track!

Now I’d like to hear from you!  What are your goals for July?  How was your June?


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