5 Things To Do To Your Cellphone ASAP!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I broke another MacBook.

Please enjoy this post from September 16, 2011!  Still very useful info!

So I lost my cellphone on Wednesday.  I left it on the bus while on the way to work.  And I am still without a phone 🙁

But I also lost my notepad app and I had written lots of blog posts on there.  So my advice to you is to:

1. Passcode Lock Your Phone! This was priceless.  The person who found my phone was not able to get access to any of my bank accounts, my Amazon.com account, any emails or pictures.  The iPhone also had a feature where after 10 unsuccessful attempts, the phone shuts down and erases everything. I know someone found it because I called the phone later that night and I got that message when they cut of your phone.

2. Backup-EVERYTHING! I know I haven’t backed up the phone in a while.  So I lost some contacts, some pictures but most importantly my notepad.  My friend told me about an app called Dropbox.  It’s like the cloud app where you can sync and save everything!  And you can access it from anywhere.

3. Get The Tracking App! Another friend told me about an app for Android phones called Lookout.  I think you don’t pay for the service until you actually need it.  It is a phone tracking app.  This app promotes a lot of vigilante actions.  You can go to the person’s house (either alone or with the cops) and reclaim your property!  I need to find out what the iPhone version of this app is!  I don’t think the iPhone version is free.

4. Address/Phone Number On Screensaver! Some people have a note on the screensaver that simply reads: “If found please call (888)555-1234. Hefty reward offered” I’m not sure if I will do this or not on my next phone.

5. Pay Attention! This isn’t the first time I’ve left my phone somewhere.  I was lucky last time and our server at TGI Friday’s turned it in for me.  So please pay attention the next time you are using your phone and are about to head off to your next destination!

Does anyone have any other tips or cellphone horror stories? Does anyone know anything about these apps?

Side Note: I’ll do a later post on why I didn’t have insurance on my cell phone.

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