Friday Five: Housing

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Check out this blast from the past.

A Friday Five from June of 2011.  My life has changed SO MUCH since then!

I will update the post with my current answers in italics!

Today’s Friday Five is from J Money over at Enjoy your weekend. And I’ll be at Jazz in the Garden if it doesn’t rain this evening!

1. Do you “own” your home or do you rent?

2. If you own, how much did you pay for it? (If you rent, do you think you’ll buy anytime soon?)

3. How much is/are your mortgage/rent payments?

4. Where do you live? (City or State only please – don’t tell the internets all your details! :))

5. Do you own any other property? (land, vacation home, boats, RVs)

6. *Bonus* Are you Happy with this?

Here are my answers:

1. I own my own home. Its a condo style townhome. *I am currently renting out said townhome.  I am a now a renter and I love it!

2. I paid $289,000 for it. But I got a LOT of upgrades-hello Jacuzzi thats big enough for two! We have an indoor pool, outdoor pool, nice gym, rock climbing wall and monthly happy hours at the fancy pants club house.  *I am in the market to purchase another multi-unit property soon.

3. I pay $1982 plus $274 in association fees. I only put 3.5% down.  *My mortgage payments are $1887 plus $337 in association fees.  I currently pay $1600 for rent.

4. I live in Northern Virginia right outside of the DC area too!  *Still Northern Virginia but around 25 miles further North.

5. I also own a duplex in Chicago. My mom lives in one unit and I rent out the other. (yes, I’m my own moms landlord).  *Nothing changed here.  Duplex in Chi-town and now Townhome in Virginia.

6. I love my place! I love having a bathtub I can finally fit in. I’m really tall so that has always been my issue!  *I miss my bathtub (and my old neighbors).  But I love my tiny new place! 

Your turn!!!!!!

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