Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (Update)

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As promised, here’s an update on my previous post:

Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (and Why You Shouldn’t Either).

You can read all about my situation by clicking here.

In a nutshell, I cracked the screen on the camera lens of my Samsung Galaxy 5.  I don’t have insurance but I heard AT&T phones come with a free 1 year warranty.  I got lucky here because my 1 year warranty expires in 3 days!

Here’s what happened:

  • I called customer service and asked about said free warranty.  The representative was very friendly and said my phone indeed has a free 1 year warranty.
  • She asked if I lived anywhere near one of the 3 device repair centers in my state.  I was lucky enough to live within 20 minutes of one.
  • She made an appointment for me because the process would be longer if I tried it over the phone.  I’d have to wait for the new phone to arrive in the mail.  If I go to the repair center, everything would be taken care of on the same day.
  • I went to the repair center.  Funny story, I’ve driven by that repair center around a million times and never noticed it was there.
  • I was informed my cracked camera lens was covered under the free warranty!
  • The technician went to see if they had my phone in stock and I received a new (refurbished) phone.
  • The technician switched all of my pictures and contacts for me! Another funny story-I lost all of my text messages.  I now hold the record for “person with the largest number of text messages!”  I had over 32,000 text messages.  The most they’d ever seen!  They said the previous record holder had 24,000 and it took around 5 hours to get those transferred.  I quickly said “No Thanks” on getting mine transferred.
  • The technician also said he did not carry insurance on his cell phone for the same reasons I listed in my previous post.

Please note, the technician also said a cracked front screen would NOT have been covered under the warranty.  He also said you aren’t covered if you lose your phone.

So I guess you’ll really have to decide if cell phone insurance is really worth it to you.

It’s not worth it to me!

Do you have insurance on your cell phone?  Why or why not?

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