My Cracked Windshield Update


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Time for an update on my cracked windshield debacle.  Click here to read all about it.

I finally spoke to an attorney.

Federal Employees have access to a lot of services for FREE (via LifeCare-find out to access the service thru your agency).

My consultation with the attorney was free.

I was both happy and sad after leaving.

Here’s what he said:

1.  Why on Earth are you taking your car to the dealership for maintenance anyway!?!  ( I wish you could have seen the scowl on his face when he said that!)

2.  I bet you didn’t know that YOU (ie, customers) have to pay for the fancy waiting room, the lattes, the flat screen TV’s and all those other fake “amenities” in the waiting room at the dealer.

3.  You need to find a good mechanic who has dirt on his sleeves, HE will have your best interests at heart.

4.  Go to the court house and take them to small claims court.

5.  If they offer you ANY money, take it!  You want to settle out of court.

6.  Stop going to the dealership!

So there you have it.!

I paid $435.59 to repair my windshield on my own.

I have GEICO and they will fix your windshield for FREE IF the following conditions are met:

1.  You only have a small chip.

2.  Your crack is smaller than the size of a dollar bill.

My crack was the size of the full windshield so mine didn’t qualify for the free fix.  And I paid out of pocket because my deductible is higher than $435.59.  I am seriously considering lowering my deductible to $200.  I LOVE to chat and one of the other people in the waiting room was there to repair a third windshield.  Her deductible is only $200 so it didn’t hit her pockets as hard as mine.  I could have gone to like 7 more happy hours if my deductible were only $200!

I will file the proper paperwork and post another update!

What do you think?  Do you think the attorney is correct?  Would you follow his advice?  Where do you take your car for repairs and maintenance?

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