My New Passion Project: April 2015

credit: dmswriter
credit: dmswriter

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Time for a new project!

The 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project has been the greatest thing ever created.

Shout out to Jackie Lam from The Cheapsters!

In a nutshell, you pick a project to “date” for 40 days.

I started my last one on February 1st and it made me realize I over-commit myself and leave lots of ideas and projects unfinished.

So my plan is to start a project, take a break afterwards and then get right back to it with a new project.

Click here to read the rules!

Click here to join our Facebook group.

We will begin a new project THIS Wednesday, April 15th.

We will host a google hangout at 9pm EDT (send me your gmail address for an invite).

Please join us as I will announce my next project and there may a few prizes!

What projects do you need to date, start and/or finish?

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