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Can you cut the cable?


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Last year I noticed my cable bill was starting to get out of hand.
It slowly increased from $100 a month to $160 per month.
I had a habit of calling in to ask for their latest promotion or I’d threaten to switch, but that routine was getting old.
I also was paying for 2 dvr boxes, 2 HD services and high speed internet.
I was overwhelmed and didn’t feel that I was watching almost 200 bucks worth of tv per month.
So I cut the cable.
I switched to a Xfinity – Internet only plan.
Their plan actually comes with free basic (non-HD) cable.
The price is only $60 per month and I love it!
I also bought an apple tv ($50 – used a gift card) and an Amazon prime stick ($20).  Notice the one-time cost of most streaming devises are still cheaper than 1 month of cable. And both devised are HD.

Also, the new Smart TV’S are Internet ready so they have Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and a host of other streaming options pre-installed.

I only pay $11.99 per month and I can watch on 4 screens at a time (which means i can share my plan with 3 other people).

There are a few BRAVO shows that aren’t available thru my streaming devices but YouTube has fixed that issue for me.

Now I’m able to watch all of my shows while saving myself $100 per month.

I challenge my cable peeps to call and put your subscription on vacation hold for 1 month.  Then spend that money on a streaming device and see if you missed having cable for that month!

Or if you’ve already cut the cable, how are you watching TV?

Check out the awesome research a reader has done for us:

I look a bit further in to the pricing so we can get a better idea. It is not as extensive as I wanted, but it is price with reasonable internet speed and all well know streaming services:

Verizon (monthly internet only)                                     $54.99
Netflix (price monthly for 4 screen @ $11.99/month)      $11.99
Amazon Prime ($99/year) or $8.25/month)                   $8.25
Hulu Plus (7.99/month)                                                  $7.99
HBO NOW ($15/month)                                                 $15.00

Total – monthly payment                                                $98.22

Xfinity/Comcast monthly (Internet only)                       $39.99
Netflix (price monthly for 4 screen @ $11.99/month)      $11.99
Amazon Prime ($99/year) or $8.25/month)                   $8.25
Hulu Plus (7.99/month)                                                  $7.99
HBO NOW ($15/month)                                                 $15.00
Total – monthly payment                                                $83.22

Hope this help with letting you know how you can save on monthly internet/TV bills and better number to help you have the courage to call up your internet and ask for lower pricing. 

Thanks Yin!!!

And here’s an article shared by another reader:
Thanks Ant!

  1. I’ve thought about eliminating my satellite but I love sports. Every 6 months I get my bill lowered to $60 a month. I will continue to pay that. Also with side hustles increasing it’s not a problem like it once was.

    1. I totally forgot to mention Sports Jason! Yes, by all means pay for what you’ll actually watch. I was just tired of that huge bill and I only watched a few channels. I know of a link to watch sports online too. I had to watch my Buckeyes beat up on the Ducks on my laptop because I was at the airport and the international terminal did not have any TV’s!

  2. Wow, that is way cheap! I moved back in with my parents a year ago (my dad is sick) & he’s gotten his treatments so after he makes a full recovery I’m saying so long again. I just may do this, it’s perfect! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s nice of you to move back in with your parents. I hope your dad is well soon! And you totally won’t miss the extra (useless) channels!

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