March 2015 Numbers and April Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

First I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers.

Thanks for sharing the useful posts with your friends.

You keep me motivated!!!!!

Now back to business!

Here are some numbers from March:


In March we had 677 views.  That’s double the views from February!  I am excited about this and will continue to research helpful posts!

Twitter followers: 590 (up 30)

Facebook page likes: 260 (no change)

Side Hustle Income:

Blog: $50. I wrote an article for PROFEDS.  I’ll share the link when it goes live.

Fitness (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $714.28

eBay: $96.10

New Goals!

1:  Ebay!  I have been slacking on eBay.  I haven’t listed anything in over 2 weeks.  I will work on that this week.  I will list at least 2 items per week for the rest of the month!

2:  40 Days of Dating!  Time to date my next project!  I will share it with you either Friday or Monday!  (Click here to read about the 40 days of dating your passion project).

3:  More engaging posts and videos!  I am repeating this goal!  I’ve been researching post ideas and am excited about what’s coming next for!

4:  Declutter project!  I plan on getting rid of more “stuff.”

5:  Podcasts!  Look (rather listen) for me this month.  I will appear as a guest on at least 1 podcast.  I just need to figure out Skype first!

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