How to Make Extra Money: Focus Groups

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

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I love easy money!

Participating in Focus Groups is a super easy way to score extra cash.

What are focus groups?  Companies love to do market research before releasing a product.  They hire companies to contact their target audience, gather those peeps in one place to give their honest opinions on what they like and don’t like about their products.  Some are in person, some are over the phone, they’ve even come to my home a few times!  (I’ve even shopped at Macy’s!)

How much can you make?  I’ve made anywhere from $75 to $250 for 1 measly hour of my time.  And I’ve gotten free lunch, free alcohol and free merchandise (workout clothes and Wahsington National’s stuff) in addition to the cash.

How long do they last?  They normally are about an hour long.  Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.  And I’ve also been an alternate a few times and was sent home with my cash because they no longer needed me!

Where do I sign up?  In the DC area, I am registered with these companies:

Please remember, you NEVER have to pay anything to participate in focus groups!  If someone is trying to charge you a fee, run (don’t walk) away from that website!

What to say when they call!  They are looking for talkative, outgoing people.  They also sometimes videotape the sessions so they can remember everything you say.  They will call to screen you for individual studies (Go ahead and talk their heads off when they call). You really have to listen to know what they are looking for. If they repeat a question, chances are you didn’t provide the answer they were looking for (so maybe switch your answer). Better yet, here’s what NOT to say:

  • you (or anyone you know) are not an employee of the companies they list.
  • you have not participated in a focus group in a year or more,
  • you are NOT a blogger!
  • don’t give anyone your social security or credit card number (or bank account number)!

Just give your honest opinion here.  Here are a few tips from other readers:

I am the QUEEN of focus groups.  When I first started signing up I made on average about $500.00 per month on all the focus groups I participated with.  You have to be smart in how you answer the questions so that you qualify.  I don’t make as much money now because my job is too demanding and does not allow as much free time.  Also, google “focus groups” and sign up online with the different companies who provide focus groups in your city or area.

In Chicago, I found a website that provides all the information on 36 focus group companies!!! I have signed up with ALL of them. They call me on a continuous basis! I’m sure there is an equivalent to DC or any other city you live in! 🙂

Here is the website for Chicago:–IN–WI)

P.S. It is normal for these studies to ask personal info like your age, sex, job status, yearly salary, how much you have saved or are investing, insurance information (car house), etc.  They ask this because they want to know if you qualify for the study.

This one is helpful too:

My story is this.  Focus groups did not even exist until you told me about them and I signed up at two places. Thank you very much Sophisticated Spender!!  Last yr I received almost $800 for six surveys.  def agree with you and [the other reader]! When they ask you questions to see if you qualify, listen to how they frame the questions.  When they ask a question over again, it is your opportunity to say you misunderstood the question, and meant to say yes instead of no. Well, good luck all, and thanks again!!

This post should provide you with a great start on getting into some Focus Groups so you can make some extra money.

Best Wishes and Good luck!

Have you ever participated in a Focus Group?  What was your experience?  We want to hear about it in the comments!


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