Why I Don’t Own Any Prada!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who thought they knew me very well.  Our conversation went a little something like this:

Random: you don’t own any Tiffany Jewelery???
Me: no!
Random: All women have Tiffany Jewelery!
Me: ask those “women” what their retirement accounts look like, then hollar back at me!

I’ve never been facinated with material things.

I grew up wearing ProWings (the gym shoes from PayLess).

But I have people (and it’s normally men) who say, “I know you have Prada, Gucci and (they mention those red bottom shoes that I don’t even know how to spell).  They say I know you always go get manicures, pedicures and massages.”

And my answer is simply, “no.”

I’m lucky enough to have grown up without those simple pleasures and I can do most of that stuff for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I treat myself whenever I feel like it.  But those things are not in my normal routine and there’s nothing wrong with people who like those luxuries.

For me, the money that I would spend on Prada and Gucci can go towards paying down my mortgage (or owning their stocks).

(I think it’s a little weird that I would consider going to a nail salon a waste of my time, however I would totally spend that hour or two in front of the TV.)

I’ve actually probably spent the amount of money that a Prada purse would cost building my blog, going to blogger and Zumba conferences, volunteering and helping others who need a little bit of help..

At this time in my life, those things are more important to me than carrying around a fancy pants purse or having red bottomed shoes.

Those items do not symbolize success to me at all!

We all have choices and free will.

I just want you to be smart with your money!

Has anyone ever made any assumptions about you and how you spend your money?


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