Friday Link Love: Taxes Edition

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

This week I read the coolest article on taxes.

Investor Junkie’s “How to Pay $0 Tax on a Six-Figure Income” got a lot of people talking.  Check out my comment on the article.  I spoke about charitable donations and mileage deductions.

I also participated in a cool TweetChat.  (A TweetChat is when a bunch of people meet a the same time on Twitter and discuss a common topic.  You follow said topic with a hashtag.   Our hashtag was #plutuschat.)

A few notable tweets were:

Speaking of school, what do you wish you’d learned in school?

Love it!RT : that and I didn’t need to be the smartest to succeed, i had a lot of brilliant classmates

I think it’s the fail part that scares so manny of us RT :”willingness to try something that can fail”

A7. All the other technical stuff you can read, but networking you have to go out and do. You can learn a ton from others
I also learned I need to step away from the TV a little more if I want to take this blog to the next level!
I hope you had an awesome week!
Did you read any cool articles this week?  We’d like to read em too!

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