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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

The 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project is an awesome way to kick off a project you’ve been avoiding (or meaning to start or complete).  I currently have a graveyard of unfinished business in my closet.  I plan on chipping away at each project 40 days at a time!

The idea was created by my friends over at

Here are the rules:

During the 40 days, you will:

1. Spend time with your project every day (anywhere from 10-30 minutes).
2. Commit on going on three “dates” a week with your project (set aside 2-3 hour blocks of time to work on it).
3. In lieu of seeing a couples therapist, choose a book or some sort of tutorial to improve your craft or help you do your best work. Spend at least one hour a week on this.
4. In Dear Diary fashion, create and take a daily questionnaire or write in a journal. You can include whatever questions you think would be beneficial.
5. Go on a weekend trip (choose a weekend to get away and spend all your time with your project).
6. No cheating (no spending time on other things, including other projects).

Here’s how I rocked every task:

1:  Time:  I love that step 1 is to spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes on your project-EVERY DAY!  I know that when I start something, even if my intent is only 10 minutes, I always exceed that time limit.  So when you schedule your 10 blocks of time, they will almost always lead to a more sizable chunk of quality time spent on your project.

2:  Journal: Having an effective journal is essential to making your 40 days as useful as possible. Your journal entries have to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based.  Head on over to the Cheapster’s Journaling Post to see my questions!

3:  Improving your craft:  I can’t stress the value of YouTube!  I searched everything!  I learned SO much thanks to YouTube.  I learn better by example and this is the perfect place to look for How-To-Videos that will take your craft to the next level!

4:  Get away:  Most of my dates were at Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, libraries and other places that have free WiFi (internet).  You will make the most of your time and not spend a dime.  (OK, that’s not completely true, I am now a Barnes&Noble reading club member and I’ve bought a few good books).  Another thing I love about Barnes&Noble and the library is that I got to browse great books that helped me learn all I needed to know about my craft.

5:  Support:  You MUST join the 40 Days of Dating of Dating Your Passion Project Facebook group.  Awesome group of people and useful resources-hands down!

Here are links to the best resources!

Start here:

The Rules (Click here)-Thanks to

A Checklist (Click here)

How To Build a Creation Cave (Click here)

Writing a Love Letter to Your Passion Project (Click here)

Planing & Journaling:

Passion Planner (click here).  Free planner!

Epic Blog Planner (Click here).  For my blogging peeps!

Getting The Most Out of Journaling (Click Here)!

I’ll admit I struggled with #6 (no cheating).  But I am looking forward to dating my next project on April 1st!

Are you ready to take your project to the next level with us???

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