What To Do With $1,000 Update

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Back in November of 2011 I wrote a post that went a little something like this:

This months money magazine had an article titled What To Do With $1,000 Now.  (Assuming you don’t have anycredit card debt!) Here are some of the things they suggested.  Please tell me in the comments below which item you would most likely do!

1- Buy a MacBook air…With a better credit card.  These computers are awesome! I second that motion.

2-Make sure you have enough life insurance (find out how much you need at lifehappens.org).

3-Set up a starter portfolio:  Here are the stocks they suggest-$300 in Schwab US large-cap etf SCHX; $200 in Schwab US small-cap etf SCHA; $200 in Schwab international equity etf SCHF; $300 in Schwab US aggregate bond etf SCHZ.

4-Save it! Discover bank’s online savings account has had the highest rate for the past two years. (It’s currently 1%)

5-Career Makeover #1: They say better dressed folks make an extra $250,000 during the course of their careers! So pick up a nice suit. (See article for suggestions for men vs women!).

6-Career Makeover #2: Continuing Ed or go back to school.

7-Show Your Heart Some Love: Buy a new treadmill.

8-Improve Your Sleep: Buy a new mattress that keeps your hips and shoulders from sagging. They suggest trying out your new model in the store for at least 15 minutes.

9-Get OnStar FMV: Now you can get OnStar “For My Vehicle” so that you can get all the bells and whistles that the GM cars receive.

10-Put Your Estate Plan in Order: A $50 software package will do if your finances are simple. Suze Orman also has a Will & Trust kit online. And she periodically offers it for free for her viewers. (Make sure you are following me on twitter so you’ll know when she does it again). If your finances are complex, you may want to pay a pro!

I would most likely to start the Schwab portfolio or dress for success-who wouldn’t pass up an excuse to go shopping!

WWYD??? (What Would You Do?)

Here’s my story:

1.  I killed my old MacBook and bought a MacBook Air.  I love it!

2.  I still don’t have life insurance.  I need to get some asap!

3.  I put $500 into those stocks.  I am up $147.55!

4.  Discover Bank’s savings rate is now 0.90%.  I still keep my savings in my Capital One Account.

5.  I’ve been improving my wardrobe.  I was told I dressed like I was still in college so I’ve made lots of changes!

6.  YouTube and Udemy have both been a wealth of knowledge for me.  I’ve been learning lots of things-all for free!

7.  I am now a fitness instructor.  Hello healthy side hustle!

8.  My friend gave me a cool lifehack for my mattress.  She put an extra blanket under her fitted sheet.  It instantly made my bed feel like a cloud!  Try it now!

9.  My car is already equipped with something like that.

10.  I STILL need to put my estate plan in order-ASAP!

Were you with me on any of these challenges?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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