Friday Five: What’s In Your Fridge? 2

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I promised myself I would stop hoarding food.

So far, so good!

I used to keep my fridge overcrowded with food and junk.

And most of the items in my fridge were expired!

So I made a promise that I would break free from that.

So I’d like to know…

What’s in your fridge?

1. Meat.

2.  Dairy.

3.  Fruits & Veggies.

4.  Condiments.

5.  Drinks.

My turn!

1. Rotisserie Chicken-I bought it Monday and I will eat the rest of it today!  I also have half a steak that I cooked yesterday.

2. Butter and a half dozen of brown eggs.

3.  Organic whole carrots, a red onion, avocados, mixed baby greens

4.  Condiments-22 bottles of sauces, oils, vinegars and condiments.  I believe a fourth of those items may be expired tho.  So I failed in this department.

5. 2 Britta Water Pitchers, Pomegranate juice, home made pomegranate and chia seed mixture, 2 open bottles of wine for cooking, a bottle of fancy ginger ale, leftover beers from my birthday party (in August), pack of 7-up that are leftovers from the 7-up cake that I made on Thanksgiving.

Your turn!!!

What’s in your fridge?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Five: What’s In Your Fridge?

  • Michelle

    I’m still traveling so my fridge is pretty empty. But, you bring up an important point that we (Americans) tend to have A LOT of food in our homes. My friends were visiting me from overseas a couple of years ago and they did comment on how much food I had. Once I started doing the once a week grocery shopping it really helped me to pair down the unnecessary stuff in my fridge.