Fill Out Your 2014 Financial Statement

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s time to fill out an annual financial statement!

I use Rich Dad’s “Where Am I Today?” Financial Statement but there are hundreds of them out there.

I want all of us to keep track of where we are each year.

Remember if you fail to plan then you may as well plan to fail.

Here are a few links to a few of the financial statements that I found around the web.

Who knows, maybe I’ll find the time to make a financial statement Sophisticated Spender style so we can all really be on the same page.

1:  Link to “Rich Dad Financial Statement” (Opens an excel file, please make sure you scan everything for viruses!)

2:  Link to “Rich Dad Income Statement” (This is from the game, Cash Flow-awesome game!)

I plan on filling mine out this evening.  That way I can enter all of my end of year debt and savings amounts.

Here’s a huge pic of the financial statement!  Shoot me an email at if you want me to print one off and mail it to ya!  Who knows, it might include a special gift :)

Financial Statement


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