Friday Five: Last But Not Least

my what big hands I have!
my what big hands I have!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s my favorite day of the week again.  It’s Friday which means I am writing one of my favorite posts of the week (thanks again J Money from Budgets are Sexy) and I am teaching my favorite class-Zumba!

Who/What was the last???

1: Present you bought for someone.
2: Person you called.
3: Meal you ate.
4: Text message you sent.
5: City you visited.

My turn!

1: I bought my friend a grill pan and bathroom hand towel from Ikea.  I love cooking bacon in grill pans  in the oven.  I bought my friend one so he could live in a world of magical, grease free bacon!

2: I called one of my coworkers because I saw him in his car looking for parking.  I told him there was a parking space right out front and I ended up being wrong about the available parking spot-oops.

3: Last night I made myself 2 burgers (they were more like sliders-that’s why I ate 2).  I used ground sirloin and brioche buns (topped with a half a slice of cheese (not cheese product), fancy catsup and yellow mustard) .  I know that ground sirloin is normally a little dry so I pan sear the burgers on the stovetop and then finish them off in the broiler (in the oven).  Makes them VERY juicy!

4:Yes!!!”. I was agreeing to babysit for my friends.  The last time I babysat, I read their 2 year old Money Magazine and it put him right to sleep!

5: In October I went home to Chicago to surprise my mom on her birthday!  I called her to ask what she was doing on her special day.  She said she was going to relax at home.  And I interrupted our conversation with a knock on the door!  That was awesome!!!!!!!!  I’m looking forward to going to Dubai next month.  I would love to hear from you if you have any tips or suggestions!

Ok, YOUR turn!!!!!

I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below!

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