PSA Back Up Your Data!


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Nobody understands the cloud!

-Jason Segel

Today’s post is just a general public service announcement.

I need you to backup your data on your computers, phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

My poor MacBook crashed earlier this year and I finally got it fixed last month.

Computers crash all the time, I’m not surprised except….

I hadn’t backed up any of my data since I’ve purchased the computer!

Yup, you read that right.  I’ve had the computer for over two years and did not perform a back up at all.

So I lost all of my data, posts, and notes from all of the conferences that I’d attended.

Another bad part is that I lost a lot of stuff that I don’t even remember saving or writing or typing.

I actually didn’t even know how to back up my computer (and I have a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering).

And I could totally kick myself when I found out how easy it is to back everything up.

Here were my steps:

1. Bought an external hard drive (here’s the actual one that I bought for my mac-click on any of the blue words here).

2.  Plugged it into my computer.

3.  It started backing up all on it’s own (leaving no room for user error).

4.  I plug it back in from time to time when I think its time for another auto backup!

My old hard drive was damaged beyond repair.  The new hard drive only cost around $180 (a lot less than the cost of a new computer).  And since they couldn’t recover my data, they told me about a third party company who could possibly recover my data for a fee.

I am still hanging on to my hard drive and even tually make a decision regarding recovering my lost data.  So far I’m not missing it at all so I may just chalk this one up as a lesson learned.

Can you please back up all of your data TODAY!!!!!  Have you had a similar experience with your computer crashing???

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