On Being Shamelessly Frugal

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I came across a really cool article yesterday.

23 Things Shamelessly Frugal People Will Understand (Click here to read it)!

Here are the items that I identify with:

1. You’ve had a savings account since you found out what a savings account was. And you’re saving it for something important. Even if you’re not sure what.

2. When you get a great deal, you feel like you’re walking on air.

3. Your friends are amazed at your money-saving skills.

5. Anytime the opportunity arises to get something free, you leap at it.

8. Seeing an item in-store and thinking, “I could make that.”

9. Money from every single paycheck goes into savings.  It just comforts you. You may need it for (insert moment in future that you’re not even sure you’ll need the money for but you want to save it anyway).

11. Getting free samples is one of your favorite things.

15. Brand names barely matter, if at all.

16. Ordering off the kids’ menu is still a thing, years after being a “kid”.

17. You manage to squeeze out every last bit of every product you buy.

18. Paying full price for anything is out of the question.


Which items on the list are totally you?

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