My Favorite 2 Posts of the Week

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

It’s my favorite day of the week…Friday!

I wanted to take a second to tell you about 2 of the really great articles I read this week.

J Money over at Budgets Are Sexy wrote about Having Enough.

This quote right here:

When you truly have enough you no longer spend energy or time chasing stuff in hopes they fulfill you.

J Money is my hero!

And Michelle from The Shop My Closet Project wrote about Food Waste.

I will join Michelle’s challenge next week and vow to only spend $10 to supplement all of the food that I ready have on hand.  I have food in my fridge and freezer, just need to actually cook it!

They both really made me question EVERYTHING!

Check em out!

Are you with me on Michelle’s challenge?  If so let me (and her) know! 

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