7 Days of Personal Finance


Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I hope you have an awesome Monday.  This week I’d like you to do something different.

7 things to try to save some money.  Let’s do these together and see if we can save some money this week!

1. Call the cable company! Talk to them about being offered the current promotion they are running in your area.  Tell them that you heard that (insert competition here) has a cheaper price for your package and was wondering if they had any deals or promotions going on.  Call your auto insurance company, home owner’s insurance company, and anyone else you can think of!

2. Look at your cell phone bill!  Are you paying for any extras that you don’t need or use?  Do you need to increase or decrease your day minutes?  Not paying for enough minutes can be very expensive.  Also paying for too many minutes can be a waste too.  (If you have Verizon go to Verizon Connections to see if you qualify for extra discounts thru your employer.)

3. Get the sunday paper!  The Sunday paper is full of ads and coupons.  See what’s on sale at certain stores and stock up if one of your favorite items are on sale.  And make sure you clip the coupons for any of your favorite items.  OR use the Find&Save App.  They also have all of the ads for stores.  And you can search for an item and see which store has it for the cheapest price!

4. Download the Where app!  I mainly use this app for the gas feature.  It will track your location and let you know where the cheapest gas is around you.  I also like to use this app while out of town too!

5. There’s an app for that! Make sure you have one of the barcode scanner apps that scan the item you are looking for and lets you know where to find it at the best price. (Or the Find&Save app).  Also don’t be afraid to scan an item while in the store (I like Amazon’s scanner).  Most stores will price match on the spot!

6.  Check your credit report!  www.annualcreditreport.com is the only place where you can check your credit report from the 3 agencies for free once a year. I normally space it out and check 1 report every 4 months.  Just make sure nothing crazy is going on with your credit.  Credit Karma is also excellent for checking your credit score.  I highly recommend Credit Karma!!!  (They are also free!)

7.  Set up a fun money account!  Set aside a small amount out of each paycheck to spend on whatever you want-guilt free!  All of my fitness income goes into a fun money account.

Will you give any of these challenges a try?  Do you have any tips?

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