Friday Five: 5 Areas of Clutter

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

This week’s Friday Five will hopefully be a motivator for us all.

I need to know 5 areas that you need to clean in your house!

Everyone knows that I HATE cleaning.

I finally decided to get a cleaning service, however, I feel like I need to clean before I can let these strangers into my house (friends & family already know what to expect when they come over).

So I hope to tackle 5 areas of clutter in my home this (or maybe next) week.

1: Magazines-I have some magazines from 2012 that I haven’t read yet.  I hope to have a marathon of reading one day this week.

2:  Clothes-I have waaaay too many clothes.  I wear the same few outfits.  And don’t get me started on my workout gear!  I hope to sell a few items on eBay!

3:  Kitchen-My junk drawer is running over and I need to throw away all containers without a lid and decrease my  number of cooking utensils and gadgets.

4:  Jewelry-I have lots of fake jewelry.  I don’t buy the expensive stuff because I lose EVERYTHING (yes, I even lost an iPad mini).  I’ve noticed that I wear the same few pieces of jewelry every day. So I will get rid of the stuff that I never touch.

5:  Side Hustle Stuff-I need to separate and organize all of my side hustle stuff.  I have things everywhere and it would be nice to have a place for everything.  And I’m pretty sure that will help me stay organized and on track throughout the year.

Your Turn!!!!

What are 5 areas of your life that need decluttering?


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