Beware of Online Scams

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Today I wanted to reiterate the fact that if something is too good to be true, you should probably walk away.  If you are expecting something for nothing, then you totally get what you deserve.  This is why all of those magic diet pill solutions make so much money.  And this is also why all of those get rich quick and pyramid schemes work too.  It’s because lazy is the American way.

Do you really think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Donald Trump would tell you that you could get rich from your laptop by clicking on a certain ad and fulfilling a few “offers” or joining a certain pyramid scheme or sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing??? NO!

They would happily tell you that they worked their a$$ess off to achieve all that they had.  I bet there were times when they had nothing except their dreams and visions and never gave up.  Their successes didn’t happen overnight.  And I’m 100% sure they didn’t have to pay $99.99 to purchase someones “get rich quick” program.  They didn’t pay $199.99 for a seminar on how to make money online.

The point of today’s post is to reach out to anyone who you may  know who is suffering from get rich quick syndrome computer illiteracy.   There are a LOT of people scamsters out there too!

Here are a few examples and tips!

One lady came to my lawyer friend for advice-this guy had sold her on the idea of making money online with a website.  He would set up a website for her for only $1,500 (YES $1,500).  Well, she paid the guy and then he told her that it would cost her an additional $2,000 and was telling her that he’s going to sue her for the rest of that money.  (My attorney friend told her to NOT pay that dude anymore money and to tell him she’d see him in court!  To this day she has not paid him and they have not been to court.) And this lady lives overseas!

Never, never, never send money to anyone online using Western Union.  Or to someone who is on a “backpacking” trip in London and is in need of money to get back home.  Even if you think it’s a loved one.  Chances are you are being solicited by a third party on this scam.

Everyone is always telling me to join an online dating site so that I can finally find love but I just don’t trust those sites.  One guy called my local radio show. The morning crew was going to Africa.  He asked them to look for the lady that he had met online.  He was wondering if she was doing well because he had sent her money to fly to America and when he went to the airport to pick her up, she never arrived.  They had a field day with this guy.  But things like this happen every day!

You never have to pay to sign up for focus groups!  I am the focus group queen!  I will share my tips on getting picked for focus groups.  But there are so many companies out there who want you to pay them in order to join their databases, don’t fall for this trick!


That’s why I think it is SO important to have a financial soul mate or Financial Dream Team!  Run your different financial goals and ideas by someone who you can trust.  It can save you lots of money down the line.


What are your stories about online scams???


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