Friday Five: The Gym, Become A Regular

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

One of my favorite quotes:

The gym, become a regular!

We are all regulars at our favorite restaurants, bars and stores.

Why not be a regular at a place that really counts-


I love the feeling of walking around the gym and everyone already knows who I am because I’m a regular.

I love it when people call me to ask where in the heck I am because it’s gym time!

Please take some time to work this into your busy schedule!

Now it’s time to get all up in your workout business!

1: What’s your current workout schedule?

2: Time spent working out per session.

3:  Any eating restrictions (are you vegan or vegetarian)?

4: What’s your monthly gym membership fees?

5: Give us a workout tip!

My turn!

1:  I’m a fitness instructor and I teach 7 classes per week!  Sometimes 8!  4 Insanity classes and 3 Zumba classes.  I also try to add a session of stretch per week.  I like BodyFlow.  I’m not a fan of yoga but I’d like to give it a second chance.

my Insanity schedule
my Insanity schedule
my Zumba schedule
my Zumba schedule
2:  Every single class is 55 minutes long.

3:  I LOVE food!  Real, unprocessed food!  And for the record, McDonald’s, Red Lobster, 7-11, and other crappy places like that DO NOT sell REAL food!

4:  I actually get paid to go to the gym!  I highly recommend this as a side hustle.  I get paid around $500 a month to stay healthy!

5:  My workout tip is to find an activity or class that you LOVE.  Find something that you wouldn’t want to miss.  But the first step is to actually get your butt into the gym!

Your turn!!!!  I’d love to hear about your fitness routine in the comments below!

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