My Number Is 18. What’s Yours?

My Number Is 18.  What’s Yours?
photo credit ibtimes
photo credit ibtimes

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

First of all, get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about jobs!

I have had a pretty long work history. I’ve been on my grind since the age of 14 (which means I’ve been working for 22 years).

Here’s a quick list of all of my jobs:

  1. Summer camp counselor (age 14, Chicago)
  2. Assistant to a nursing professor (high school)-prepared her power point presentations for class, conducted research and interviewed focus group participants.  I was caught sleeping on the job quit a few times! (Chicago)
  3. McDonald’s (high school-yes I had 2 jobs while in high school!)-lobby and bathroom cleaner, cashier.  This McDonald’s is on the Chicago Skyway (express way).  This job was extremely entertaining.  We normally encountered people where were on vacations or (and I quote “Dropping everything and moving to Vegas!”) (Chicago)
  4. Dining hall in college-collected dirty trays and put dishes in dishwasher. (Champaign, IL)
  5. Target (college)-stocked and straightened things on shelves. (Columbus, OH)
  6. TGI Fridays (college)-Employee of the month twice! I rocked that job! (Columbus, OH)
  7. Brio (college)-Sister company of Bravo restaurants. Only worked there for only 2 weeks! (Columbus, OH)
  8. Pivot (college)-IT department for online life insurance companies.  When you filled out insurance forms online, I would make sure all of your information printed in it’s proper place on your insurance application.  Then I would print and mail it to ya with a million “sign here” stickers on it.  I was laid off right after I graduated college). (Columbus, OH)
  9. CheckSmart-check cashing and pay day advances (First job after I got my fancy pants electrical and computer engineering degree but my bills needed to be paid!). (Dublin, OH)
  10. Trade Group: Day Trader-Traded the basis spread (currency futures) and the crack spread (crude oil) and some scalping. (Chicago)
  11. Realtor:  My best friend and I were the only 2 employees at the company she started, Choice Chicago Realty (Chicago)
  12. USPTO-patent examiner-electrical engineering technology. (Alexandria, VA)
  13. Landlord (Chicago & Woodbridge, VA)
  14. Blogger (online)
  15. Mary Kay consultant (Ohio and now VA and online)
  16. Herbalife Health Coach (VA and online)
  17. Zumba Instructor (DC, VA)
  18. Insanity Instructor (DC, VA)

Your turn!!!! I’d LOVE to hear about your jobs in the comments below!

First Patent I Granted
First Patent I Granted
  1. Wow! I hope I remember all my jobs. Here it goes:

    1. Delta at O’Hare Airport (1 summer as wheelchair attendant) I picked up disabled & elderly from the flight who needed a wheelchair, picked up their luggage & took them to their connecting flight, off to their families or to a cab. This paid $4 an hour PLUS TIP! 🙂
    2. Kiosk at Mall (don’t remember how long I did this) I signed people up for free window installation estimates. Commission was based on number of estimates performed plus small hourly wage.
    3.Victoria’s Banquet Hall (3 years as waitress) They forced me serve alcohol! Totally illegal since I was 16 to 18 years old when I worked there (they are out of business now)! Lots of weddings!!!!
    4. Noodles Restaurant (3 years as waitress) Worked Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast only from 9am to 12pm! $2/hour plus tips. I made easily $120- $200 per day for 3 hour plus free breakfast. Awesome job.
    5. Babysitting my basketball coach’s kids – I wanted to do it for free but he always gave me money for it.

    6. Cafeteria Employee at U of I (worked 1 or 2 semesters) – cleaned dishes, passed out food, allowed students access into cafeteria.
    7. Telemarketing at U of I (1 summer semester ) – Commission based pay for selling a credit card to people with bad credit. Horrible job!!!
    8. Telemarketing in Chicago during summer (don’t remember how long I worked there) Signed people for some type of estimates.
    9. Knowles Electronics (1 summer) Worked for hearing aid company to scan blueprints into computer system. Made crazy money that summer but worked over 12 hours a day! LOL
    10. Carnival Worker (2 weeks) – Made & sold lemonade while visiting girlfriend in OHIO!!!! HAHAHAHA CRYSTAL YOU FORGOT TO ADD THIS JOB TO YOUR LIST!!!! YOU HAVE 19 NOT 18!

    11. Worked for a crappy lawyer for 2 months while waiting to find out if I passed the Bar Exam- they smoked in the office all day and counted how many times I used the restrooms. I left because it was just not worth the mental abuse!
    12. Noodles Restaurant (9 months) – Went back to my old high school job as waitress serving breakfast while studying for the Bar Exam.
    13. 1st Law Firm – Attorney position for 3 years. Great experience.
    14. 2nd Law Firm – Current Attorney Position – Awesome job for 7 years now! I don’t plan on leaving. It is a very pleasant environment.

  2. Wait a second SOPHISTICATED SPENDER— you left out 2 extra jobs — telemarketing at U of I and Carnival Job in Ohio! you have 20 past jobs….lol how could you forget those amazing jobs????

    1. Oh right!!! How could I forget BRI and working at the State Fair in Ohio! I worked there for 2 summers! Thanks for having a much better memory than me Shirley (coworker)!

      How many total jobs have you had???

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