Friday Five: Cable

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

I had a conversation with my coworkers the other day and it was all about our cable bills.

One guy mentioned that he called Comcast to get his bill down to $160 from $214!

That reminded me about my cable bill that used to slowly creep up and up and up.

I hate that you have to keep calling in to get them to reduce your bill.


Make sure you are calling in at least once a  year.  Tell them that you would like to sign up for their latest or current offer or you will switch.

They want you to stay.

So they will accommodate your wishes!

So I’d like to know:

1: Who do you have for cable/internet and how long have you been with them?

2:  How much do you pay?

3:  What’s included in that price?

4:  Was there a special going on when you signed up?

5:  Are you happy with your service?

My Turn!

1:  I recently moved.  I now have Xfinity (which is Comcast).  I’ve been a subscriber since June of this year (3 months).

2:  I pay $65.22.  (They send you a super cute monthly video saying, “Hi Crystal!”  Here’s an explanation of your monthly charges.)

3.  I pay for high speed internet only (I know, boring).  But it comes with basic cable and Xfinity on demand.  There is also an Xfinity app where I can watch shows on my tablet and mobile devices.  AND there’s also an app that automatically logs me into the nearest Xfinity wifi (for free).

4.  I believe that all companies have specials going on at all times.

5.  I am happy with my service.  I have Xfinity on demand, Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Instant video (because I have Amazon Prime).  So I am not at a loss for things to watch on TV.

Your turn!!!!!  I’d love to hear your answers!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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