Put Your Savings On Autopilot

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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

Why Saving On Autopilot Is So Important!

There are a lot of advantages to putting your savings on autopilot.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. You Won’t Miss It:  You won’t spend money  you don’t see.  Things in your budget always adjust themselves when you have fluctuations in income.

2.  It Adds Up Quickly:  Lets say you want to to go on a vacation or a $2,000 shopping spree next year.  You only need to set aside $24 a week for 1 year to reach your goal.

3. Do It On Impulse:  Wells Fargo has a program that ties your savings to a daily activity.  Every time you make a purchase using your check card, $1 is deposited into a savings account.  And trust me, that money really adds up fast!

Your homework assignment for today:

Automate something to go into your savings account.  You can even start with something as little as $5 or $10 a week.  That will quickly turn into $260 or $520.  And after 5 short years you’ll have $1,300!  Just from saving as little as $5 a week.

I know you can all do this.  Starting off small will get you into the habit of saving money and when you are ready you will take bigger steps with your savings.

Good luck!

Are you in?  Will you start saving something today???

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