August 2014 Stats and September Goals

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Goodbye summer!

It’s September and that means it’s time for some updates.

I had a very exciting month…

I turned 36!

I gained 2 new Insanity classes!


Thank you for reading!

Here are some numbers for August:


Readers in August we had 1,045 views.  This is amazing!  We finally reached 4 digits!!!!  There were 742 in July.  My highest month was March of 2013 with 1,855.  I will be working hard to reach those numbers again!

Twitter followers: 457 (up from 440 last month)

Facebook page likes: 216 (up from 214)

Side Hustle Income:

Blog: $0!

Zumba/Insanity: $682.64 I finally set up a separate account for Fitness Income.  I plan on using that money for my next fitness endeavor!

eBay: $6  (I have another item listed for sale!)

Update on goals:

1:  Try a new recipe.  A reader sent me a recipe for a Black Eye Pea Salad.  I plan on making this sometime soon!

2: Take Fitness photos!  One of my Insanity students is a photographer.  I hope to get some professional fitness photos taken sometime soon.

3: Reading!  I need to cancel some of the magazines that I do not read.  I’m not quite sure how I am subscribed to so many.  But I will get this under control in September!

4: Meal Planning!  I gained a few pounds in August because of all of the free birthday meals.  I am starting the week with home made taco salad!

5:  Newsletter!  I have been “writing” a newsletter since Jan.  I hope to finish it this year.  I’m aiming for only 2 pages but it’s been pretty tough!

What are your goals for this September? Did you accomplish all of your August goals?

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