Friday Five: Become A Regular

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

The gym-become a regular!

This is one of my favorite quotes because becoming a regular at the gym is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for yourself!

I am a regular at the gym for sure because being a Zumba instructor (and Insanity instructor AND Jillian Michaels BodyShred) is one of my many side hustles!

This also made me think about all of the other places that I frequent on a weekly basis…

List a few of your regular things to do:

1: Gym!  I teach anywhere from 5-7 classes in any given week!

2:  Work!  That one could be a no-brainer except for the option of me being able to work from home on a full time basis-in any city!  But I love going to work everyday.  I’d get waaaay too bored at home.

3: Happy Hour!  Can’t have work without happy hour!  I like to unwind with co-workers after a long day sometimes.  And prices are normally pretty cheap during happy hour too.  It makes sticking to a budget more bearable!

4: Cleaning! OK, that’s a big fat lie!  Everyone who knows me knows that I HATE cleaning and avoid it all the time.  I was just making sure you’re still paying attention :)

5:  Cooking!  I actually love cooking and grilling.  I’m pretty picky with what I eat and have been really disappointed with a lot of restaurants lately.  90% of the time I’d rather eat a home cooked meal.  And it’s easier on your pockets!

Your turn!  I’d love to hear about what my readers do on a regular basis!

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