What Are Your 5 Guilty Pleasures?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!


This week I’d like to know how you are spending your time and money.

What are your 5 guilty pleasures?

1:  TV!  I looooove the idiot box.  And I just realized that I don’t even need cable. I will STILL find things to watch on Netflix and Apple TV all day!

2:  Couch Surfing!  I love chillin’ and relaxing on the couch. Well, the couch isn’t gonna sit on itself!  It’s my job to make sure my couch does not feel lonely.

3:  Cupcakes & Cookie Dough!  I like my sweets, but not just any sweets.  I am very picky with my junk food.  I have no problem turning down desserts that I don’t love.  I make sure those extra calories are well worth the extra exercise it takes to burn em off!

4:  Shopping!  Some people love shoes, I love makeup and nail polish (and clutter).  I will come home with a bag full of new stuff, only to realize I already have some of that stuff in the back of the cabinet somewhere.

5:  Happy Hour!  I could sit at home (on the couch of course) and enjoy as many glasses of my favorite wine as I want. Instead, I like to head to a bar and pay 8 times the price per glass!

Your turn! 

What are your 5 guilty pleasures?

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