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Friday Five: Gift Cards!

by SophisticatedSpender on August 24th, 2012
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Hello Sophisticated Spenders!

How many of you are walking around with gift cards in your wallets?  I know I have a few with varying amounts on them.  I have some with chump change on them and I have some new ones.  I know that if I don’t use it all on the first shot, it’s very likely to just sit in my wallet collecting dust.  We need to change that today!

Go and find all of your gift cards and tell me what you got, how much is left on it and were you got it from if you can remember that detail too.

Here we go!

1. $50 Costco and $30 Chick-Fil-A:  I just got theses for my birthday!

2. WholeFoods: I have somewhere around $3 left on this one.  I returned some protein powder that I didn’t like.

3. Walmart: I have something in the $6 neighborhood left on this puppy.  I got it through my credit card rewards program.

4.  DSW:  I think I have around $10 on this one.  I got this one from my mom as a gift.  I need to get in there soon because they send you a $5 off coupon for your birthday too!

5. Itunes:  I have $3 left in credit here too.  I earned this one from watching TV thanks to Viggle.  Do you Viggle?  Check out my post on what it is.  I’m shooting for the gift card now.

How about you guys???  Are you walking around with some gift cards in your pocket???  I’m now in LOVE with WholeFoods so from now on I will request gift cards from there, well and Costco of course.  You can use gift cards there even if you aren’t a member too!

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  1. shirleyNo Gravatar permalink

    All I have is like $70 left to my favorite hair salon (salon buzz). It costs like $200 to get highlights and a cut. That’s all I have :(

    • SophisticatedSpenderNo Gravatar permalink

      Well you do have a birthday coming up!!!!

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