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Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a groupon!

by SophisticatedSpender on August 3rd, 2011
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1. Will I really travel this far for a deal? Sometimes when you factor in the price of gas and time spent traveling, that can diminish the price of the good deal. I bought 4 groupons for a place that was 15 miles from my home but totally not worth the drive.
2. Who is offering this great service? Make sure you qualify the place that is offering the deal. Even a huge entity like groupon is susceptible to scams.
3. Did they get good reviews? Check the discussion board on groupon and check other online reviews to check the reputation of the place.
4. Should I set a payment threshold? There are certain $10 or $20 deals that I grab and don’t put that much thought into. But those $10′s and $20′s add up pretty quickly. Consider a separate groupon¬†account where you can freely purchase groupons¬†until your groupon a count is empty!
5. Do I really really need this? Oftentimes when we take 24 hours to think something over, we decide against it. That’s why groupon is such a huge hit! You don’t have a chance to think it over.

I had 1 go to waste. A wing spot in Manassas. And a pedicure one in Alexandria. My friend got bad service so I didn’t want to go anymore.

Any more questions you guys ask yourselves?
Fess up-have you let a groupon go unused?

  1. I use a few coupon sites like Groupon. One gves you a week to think about it. I think it’s I’ve only ever purchased 2 I think lol…but it gives me great ideas of lil adventures that I may want to take at a later date.

  2. Yellow rangerNo Gravatar permalink

    Even though the groupon might have expired, you can still use the amount you paid as a gift certificate, fyi. Like if you paid $10 for a $20 off groupon, you can still use the $10 you originally paid if the groupon has expired. Same for livingsocial and the rest of the other sites, I’m sure.

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