Income Tax Refund Scam

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Because I love my readers… Don’t fall for the latest scam. It’s tax season. The IRS is accepting tax returns and the most overused phrase of this season is: “Can I borrow some money, and I’ll pay you back when I get my refund?” Do NOT fall for this scam. Lol I know, the people […]

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February 2015 Stats and March Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here are some numbers from February: Readership: Readers in February we had 339 views.  That’s down from 543 in January.  I’ve read some totally cool articles on blog post ideas.  So I will write better posts this month! Twitter followers: 543 Facebook page likes: 260 Side Hustle Income: Blog: $0! (I’m owed […]

World’s Fastest Commute   Recently updated !

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Last year I downsized! In addition to cutting the cable, I cut something else: My commute time! I now live right around the corner from my job (The US Patent & Trademark Office). Yesterday’s commute was quite an adventure. We had lots of snow in the Washington DC area. So I thought […]

12 Great Stocks for 2015:Review

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! You guys all know I love gambling and by gambling I mean buying stocks. I used to be a day trader so gambling is what I used to get paid to do! Money Magazine told us their suggestions here in The 12 Great Stocks for 2015. Out of the 12 I think […]

$65 Oscar Movie Marathon

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I’ll admit I didn’t see any of the Oscar nominated movies this year. Why? I suffer from a condition called… Short attention span syndrome. That makes it VERY difficult for me to stay awake during movies (because they are SO long). I recently read (ok, I actually read that today which is […]


Mail Chimp Review

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I am happy to announce I finally fixed the emails sent to my awesome subscribers! Problem: Subject line of emails sent to subscribers read: Posts from for 02/20/2015 What I thought it read: “Mail Chimp Review” for 02/20/2015 So now it hopefully says: “Mail Chimp Review” Please hit that subscribe button so […]

40 Days of… 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Today is the first day of Lent. I am NOT catholic, but I know this a time when a lot of non-catholics give up a bad habit for the 40 days of Lent. I’m all for it! I support any cause that will move a whole bunch of people to do better […]


Financial Soul Mate?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I ran across a super cool article on! How to Find Your Financial Soul Mate A statistic that really stood out to me was: 73 percent of respondents would prefer a partner who is good with money over one who is physically attractive (the preference of 23 percent). I agree with […]

What To Do With $1,000 Now-Stocks Update

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here’s an update the post I wrote on Money Magazine’s What to do with $1,000 post (Originally ran November 2011). Their third suggestion was to pick up a few ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). 3-Set up a starter portfolio:  Here are the stocks they suggest-$300 in Schwab US large-cap etf SCHX; $200 in Schwab […]

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Testing Mail Chimp

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Thanks to this 40 Days of Dating Project, I’ve figured out what’s wrong with my email subscription service. There’s something wrong with the RSS feed (text version of blog posts). Currently, the emails don’t have the blog title in the subject line so it kind of looks like I’ve been sending spam. […]