Happy 4th Of July From Sophisticated Spender!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I have been pretty quiet lately. I lost a good friend to cancer. All is well and I will be back in action on Monday! Have a happy and safe holiday. And be smart with your money this weekend!

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Wealthometer: Where Do You Compare?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! My friend JMoney over at Budgets are Sexy found a cool new tool: The Wealthometer! Here’s how it works: You enter your information. Take a guess at where you fit compared to others. Find out your wealth compared to the rest of the population. Here are my […]

Apple Care or Nah?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! My MacBook Air is back! Last Wednesday, I dropped my computer off at the Apple store because it was broken. I would turn it on and would hear the chime, the apple on the back would illuminate but nothing would happen on the screen or keyboard (they […]


PSA Back That Thang Up

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! My posts have been sporadic lately because my MacBook is broken (again). Not only am I good at blogging, I’m also good at breaking computers *sigh I did NOT purchase Apple Care for my computer but it is covered under a 1 year limited warranty. I have […]

5 Useful Podcasts

Top 5 podcasts Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Today’s post is all about podcasts. The ONLY reason I love traffic is because of podcasts.  I also like to listen to podcasts while cleaning, on the phone (only with boring people), before bed and sometimes when I wake up (after listening to traffic […]

May 2015 Numbers And June Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here are the numbers in a nutshell: Blog: $0  Technically this number was 0 but I was paid in other ways.  I picked up a few assignments from DC Life Magazine and went on a few awesome adventures!   I got my hair done for free and […]

5 Things To Do To Your Cellphone ASAP!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I broke another MacBook. Please enjoy this post from September 16, 2011!  Still very useful info! So I lost my cellphone on Wednesday.  I left it on the bus while on the way to work.  And I am still without a phone But I also lost my […]

Can I Go Cash Only in June? 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! What better time to start a new challenge than now??? I’ll keep this one short and sweet: I’m going cash only in June! Aside from gas and bill pay, everything else I purchase will be paid for with cold, hard cash! If I’d like to make any […]

Friday Five: Housing

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out this blast from the past. A Friday Five from June of 2011.  My life has changed SO MUCH since then! I will update the post with my current answers in italics! Today’s Friday Five is from J Money over at budgetsaresexy.com. Enjoy your weekend. And […]

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Give Yourself A Money Evaluation

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! At work we periodically receive performance evaluations. But when is the last time you’ve given yourself a Financial or Money Evaluation? This week I will be creating a fancy pants evaluation to share with all of my readers (please make sure you are a subscriber so that […]