Why I Don’t Own Any Prada!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who thought they knew me very well.  Our conversation went a little something like this: Random: you don’t own any Tiffany Jewelery??? Me: no! Random: All women have Tiffany Jewelery! Me: ask those “women” what their retirement accounts look […]

Quick Life Insurance Lesson For Singles 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I love having conversations about money. And yesterday I was lucky enough to have a conversation with a group of awesome people. I attended Tiffany The Budgetnista’s Live Richer Tour.  Click here to learn about her free Live Richer Challenge! Dominique Broadway was also there.  She’s a […]

Friday Link Love: Taxes Edition

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! This week I read the coolest article on taxes. Investor Junkie’s “How to Pay $0 Tax on a Six-Figure Income” got a lot of people talking.  Check out my comment on the article.  I spoke about charitable donations and mileage deductions. I also participated in a cool […]

Side Hustles Make The World Go Round 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Side Hustles Make The World Go Round! Side hustles are important to your budget because they provide an extra boost to your finances. I currently have lots of side hustles.  I’m a landlord, I blog (and write), I’m a Group Exercise Instructor (I teach Zumba and Insanity), […]

My Cracked Windshield Debacle

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! My windshield is now cracked. What makes this so shocking is that my windshield was NOT cracked when I went to the dealership for a safety.  They cracked it (somehow) and are saying it is not their responsibility. I’ve enclosed my email below: I was at your […]


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How To Rock The 40 Days Of Dating Your Passion Project

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! The 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project is an awesome way to kick off a project you’ve been avoiding (or meaning to start or complete).  I currently have a graveyard of unfinished business in my closet.  I plan on chipping away at each project 40 days at […]

Score a Big Tax Refund-Reduce Your AGI

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out my post from 2011! Some of these deductions no longer apply to me but the info is still very relevant! Today I would like to share with you a few of the ways that I reduced my Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). First I reduced my […]


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Friday Five: Free Money 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! A crazy news story caught my attention. Here’s my mashup version of what I think I heard: “A homeless guy was withdrawing $150.00 from his account at an ATM.  All of a sudden the ATM started dispensing cash at a crazy speed.  He couldn’t get the machine […]

Income Tax Refund Scam

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Because I love my readers… Don’t fall for the latest scam. It’s tax season. The IRS is accepting tax returns and the most overused phrase of this season is: “Can I borrow some money, and I’ll pay you back when I get my refund?” Do NOT fall for this scam. […]

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February 2015 Stats and March Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here are some numbers from February: Readership: Readers in February we had 339 views.  That’s down from 543 in January.  I’ve read some totally cool articles on blog post ideas.  So I will write better posts this month! Twitter followers: 543 Facebook page likes: 260 Side Hustle […]