A Crazy Celebrity Thanksgiving Table

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! During this week of Thanksgiving.  I will share with you things I’m thankful for! I will kick off the week with a dream Thanksgiving table! I thought long and hard about the celebrities who would make a good/bad combination when seated at the same table to break […]

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Announcing the $25 Holiday Cash Giveaway Winner

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Thanks to all who entered my 2015 $25 Holiday Cash Giveaway! We had a total of 5 entries (2 people answered a total of 5 questions). According to random.org comment #3 won which belonged to: Jami V! Congrats Jami and thanks for telling us about your 2015. […]

$25 Holiday Cash Giveaway 4

  Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Holidays are normally full of cheer.  But for some the holidays are a source of stress. People stress about gift giving. I don’t understand why! Most people don’t even remember what you bought them last year (go ahead and try to remember every single gift). More […]

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Veterans’ Day Reading 2

  Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I’d like to wish a Happy Veterans’ Day to all of the people who serve in the military. I visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial last week in Hawaii. Click here to view my scopes on Katch! (To find out what Katch means, read my post Follow […]

Fill Out Your 2015 Financial Statement

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s time to fill out an annual financial statement! I use Rich Dad’s “Where Am I Today?” Financial Statement but there are hundreds of them out there. I want all of us to keep track of where we are each year. Remember if you fail to plan […]

2015 financial statement

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October 2015 Numbers and November Goals 3

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I hit a pretty huge milestone in October… I paid off my car! I January I owed $17,000 ($16,973) to be exact. And today I owe $0! Feels amazing. Now I will apply my old car payment to the mortgage on my Chicago duplex! Let’s jump right […]

What To Do With $1,000 Now (Update) 4

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! In November of 2011 I wrote post that went a little something like this: This months money magazine had an article titled What To Do With $1,000 Now.  (Assuming you don’t have any credit card debt!) Here are some of the things they suggested.  Please tell me in […]


My Retirement Savings Report Card 6

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here we are at the end of National Save for Retirement Week. I hope you’ve learned how important it is to save for your retirement. And I know you’ve completed the calculators here-> “Introducing National Save for Retirement Week“ I give myself a B because I should be […]

5 Easy Ways to Save Money ($500) By Christmas 5

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s never too early to start saving money for Christmas!  I know that people tend to not plan ahead or rush out to use lay away to buy junk presents.  So I am challenging my SophisticatedSpendologists to start planning today! I want my readers to Save Money […]

easy ways to save $500 by christmas