Give Yourself A Money Evaluation

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! At work we periodically receive performance evaluations. But when is the last time you’ve given yourself a Financial or Money Evaluation? This week I will be creating a fancy pants evaluation to share with all of my readers (please make sure you are a subscriber so that […]


What I Read This Week: Money Blunders, Yard Sales and Real Estate

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! What an awesome week! AT&T replaced my broken cellphone (for free)!  (Click here to read all about it) I was featured on Real Money!  Click here to watch a video of my money blunder.  I overpaid for a lemon back when my credit was terrible. I also […]

Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (Update) 4   Recently updated !

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! New phone zone!!!!!! As promised, here’s an update on my previous post: Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (and Why You Shouldn’t Either). You can read all about my situation by clicking here. In a nutshell, I cracked the screen on the camera lens of […]

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Why I Don’t Have Insurance on My Cellphone (and Why You Shouldn’t Either) 3   Recently updated !

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I am a terrible person when it comes to electronics.  I’ve lost at least 2 iPhones.  I lost an iPad mini.  And shattered several screens. But I also do something else that’s crazy-I don’t carry cell phone insurance.  Here’s why: 1.  Cost: You will shell out $7-$10 a month […]

Sophisticated Spender Turns 4! 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Sophisticated Spender turns 4 today! I began my journey with only r readers and I’ve grown thanks to all of your hard work and dedication with those eyeballs! Thanks for another year! I appreciate each and every one of you! Thanks for commenting, liking and sharing! Here’s […]

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So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi: Recap and Resources

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Welcome to all of my new visitors. I am glad you are all here! Please click here to check out the So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi. I was honored to be a guest on the show and we had a conversation about me and the blog! […]

Money Mission This Week: Clothes Edition 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Everyone knows I am a huge fan of challenges! So thanks to J Money over at Budgets Are Sexy, I present this week’s challenge: Wear All of the Clothes You Still Haven’t Worn Yet (Or Sell Them). (click here to read his article) Time to pop some tags […]

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What I Read This Week: Student Loans, Taco Bell and Stacking Benjamins 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I read a few cool articles and thought I’d start sharing them with ya on a weekly basis. Enjoy! Find out if your student loans are forgivable at Taco Bell gave away free breakfast on Cinco De Mayo and I still wouldn’t eat there! Some pretty […]

40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project: Sports Edition

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! What better time to try something new than now!!! ~me Time for my 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project reveal. My next project is sports! I joined a flag football and tennis league. Why??? The seasons are pretty short (2-3 months). The games are on the […]

crystal hammond flag football field

April 2015 Stats picture.001

April 2015 Numbers and May Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Here are the numbers in a nutshell:   First I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers. Thanks for sharing the useful posts with your friends. You keep me motivated!!!!! Now back to business! Blog: $0 Fitness (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $626.92 eBay: $0 […]