Friday Five: Sewing Update   Recently updated !

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Flash back to 1 year ago today…. On July 29th 2015 I wrote about sewing. 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project: Sewing Edition It must be sewing season because I have been bitten by the sewing bug again. Last year I made a few pieces but […]

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My Food Subscription Box Experiment   Recently updated !

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! The other day Groupon had a sale.  So I decided to give a few of those Food Subscription boxes a try. Here’s what I bought: Hello Fresh Blue Apron Green Chef PreMade Paleo Plate by Zumba ( My Referral code for a 10% discount on any zumba-thing 45205) […]

Friday Five: Library

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! It’s my favorite day of the week! Friday! This week’s Friday Five is brought to you by your local public library! When’s the last time you’ve been to the library? Where was it? How long were you there? Why’d you go? Largest fine you’ve ever had to […]

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Live Like A Boss On Any Salary

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! When I got my first summer job 23 years ago, I spent that money faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Over that 23 year span I held over 30 jobs and I learned valuable lessons at every single one. Here are a few ways to maximize your income […]

Friday Five: Pokémon Pokéstops I’d Like To See

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! If you haven’t heard by now….Pokémon is back….with a vengeance! Pokémon Go is like a virtual scavenger hunt.  You search for Pokéstops, have a virtual fight with a Pokéthing and collect Poképoints.  (My nephew Justin will quickly correct me if I’m wrong!) How to stay the hell away from spot […]

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Praying For Peace

Hello Sophisticated Spenders!  I’m not sure what in heck has been going on in our nation these days. But I think it’s time to pray  (to whomever you believe in) for peace.  Have a safe, fun and financially responsible weekend! And don’t overspend! Stick to your budget!

Blog and Income Stats: June 2016

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! The year is half over! How is your 2016 going? Readership: 690 views (up 267) yaaaay! Blog Income: $0 (not surprised)  Fitness Income (Zumba and Insanity Instructor): $532.47.  Facebook Likes: 321 (up 3) Twitter Followers: 897 (+18)  Top Post:  What Financial Health Means to Me June in a nutshell: iTravel. […]

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Your Podcast Movement 2016 Guide to Chicago 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Podcast Movement is here! Podcast Movement is “THE gathering place for anyone interested or involved with podcasting” and this year it’s in my hometown of Chicago! I thought I’d create a quick guide to the city! Transportation:  Getting around the city is pretty easy.  The Hyatt is an […]

What Financial Health Means To Me 3

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Today is #FinHealthMatters Day! 53% of US consumers have less than three months of income saved. Your financial health is just as important as your physical (and mental) health. The Financial Bloggers conference has teamed up with the Center for Financial Services Innovation to have a HUGE […]

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LunchStreak Cycle 2 Home Stretch 6

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! We’ve reached the last week of Cycle 2 of the #LunchStreak! I hope you are realizing that packing a lunch isn’t crazy hard or inconvenient. Since I’ll be traveling, I will try to stick to my #LunchStreak and take my lunch with me. In the interest of […]