So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I am so excited to announce I will be interviewed by the awesome Farnoosh Torabi on her podcast! Get ready to hear my voice on the So Money Podcast with Farnoosh Torabi. Farnoosh is one of my rock star idols. I met her last year in New […]

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DC Area Commuting Contests!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I joined a few commuting contests in the DC area. If you are in the area you should register for these or find events in your local areas! 1: Alexandria Commuter Challenge! Here are the prizes for that one: I submitted my snow day commute […]

My New Passion Project: April 2015 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Time for a new project! The 40 Days of Dating Your Passion Project has been the greatest thing ever created. Shout out to Jackie Lam from The Cheapsters! In a nutshell, you pick a project to “date” for 40 days. I started my last one on February […]

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Apple Watch or Nah? 4

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Apple unveiled their new device today: The Apple Watch This watch is crazy expensive! I’m in the market for a new fitness watch because my Polar watch is getting old. Here’s my old watch: It’s on sale for $55 too! It simply doesn’t work as well as […]

I DID That Too: PayDay Loans

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I will start a new series called: I Did That Too! 9 times out of 10 we are not alone in our financial mistakes and mishaps. So it’s time to clear the air and confess our financial sins. I’d like to know: My answer is “Once or […]

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Can you cut the cable? 4

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Last year I noticed my cable bill was starting to get out of hand. It slowly increased from $100 a month to $160 per month. I had a habit of calling in to ask for their latest promotion or I’d threaten to switch, but that routine was […]

March 2015 Numbers and April Goals

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! First I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers. Thanks for sharing the useful posts with your friends. You keep me motivated!!!!! Now back to business! Here are some numbers from March: Readership: In March we had 677 views.  That’s double the views from […]

How to Make Extra Money: Focus Groups 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Check out this video from July 25, 2011! I love easy money! Participating in Focus Groups is a super easy way to score extra cash. What are focus groups?  Companies love to do market research before releasing a product.  They hire companies to contact their target audience, […]

Friday Five: Become A Regular!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! This post is brought to you by my favorite quote: The gym-become a regular! This is one of my favorite quotes because becoming a regular at the gym is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do for yourself! I am a regular at […]

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Why I Don’t Own Any Prada! 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who thought they knew me very well.  Our conversation went a little something like this: Random: you don’t own any Tiffany Jewelery??? Me: no! Random: All women have Tiffany Jewelery! Me: ask those “women” what their retirement accounts look […]