Happy Holidays From Sophisticated Spender

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I’ll keep things short and sweet today. I’d like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season! Be smart with your money. And if you are going to shop, remember to shop small! Also, if you have an american express card, register it by clicking here. They will give you a […]

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Survival of the Financially Fit! Play Spent!

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! A wise man once said, “It’s a doggy dog world.” ~Snoop Dog The minimum wage is currently at $7.50 an hour and welfare recipients receive $104 to feed1 person per month. Which brings me to my fun challenge for the week! Play Spent! Spent is a game that was created to show […]

Save Money-Dine Out With Gift Cards

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Now is the time of year when restaurants want you to come to their establishments to purchase gift cards.  They tantalize you with special offers like, free $5 gift card when you buy a $25 gift card or free $20 gift card when you buy $100 in gift cards.  Their sole purpose is […]

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Recession Proof Your Finances in 7 Easy Steps 2

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! We survived a recession AND a government shutdown.  It can happen again!  Before you go out and spend lots of money on fancy toys this holiday season,  you need to recession proof your finances! 1. Boost Savings-A strong emergency fund should be your #1 priority.  You will not feel too good about […]

5 Phrases That Need To Die

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Today’s post is short and sweet. There are a few phrases that I am sick and tired of hearing. 5 Phrases that need to die.  I want you to think of 5  (or any number) of phrases that are totally overused, make no sense or you are just tired of hearing. Here […]


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5 Ideas on How to Save Money ($500) By Christmas

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! Today I am posting a challenge to all of us.  I know that people tend to not plan ahead or rush out to use lay away for the upcoming Holiday season.  So I am challenging my SophisticatedSpendologists to start planning today! I want you guys to Save Money ($500) by Christmas (or […]

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! To carry on with the credit card theme of the week, I’d like to ask you an important question: Do you know your credit score? It is VERY important to check your credit score at LEAST once a year to make sure everything is going well. With the recent data breaches, it’s […]

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What’s Your Credit Card Strategy? 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! I have to admit, I cringe a little when someone says, “Oh, I don’t use credit cards!” or “I used to have credit cards but I cancelled em!” Why?????????? I think credit cards are awesome! Not using a credit card can actually be a bad thing because if you lose your bank […]

My First Friday Five

Hello Sophisticated  Spenders! This is the very first Friday Five that I ran back on 05/27/2011. Today’s Friday Five comes from J Money over at Budgets Are Sexy. I really like his blog. Put your answers in the comments below! 1. If I gave you $100 in cash, right now, what would you do with […]

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6 Lessons Learned From The Recession (And Government Shutdown) 1

Hello Sophisticated Spenders! The government shutdown was around 53 weeks ago.  If you’d put away $100 per week since then, you’d have $5,300 in your emergency fund right now. That’s a pretty nice chunk of change! I was reading thru an article from MSNBC on “Lessons Learned from the Recession“.  While I don’t quite agree […]